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Fantastic spot. The food is delicious, fairly priced, and reasonably portioned. Great coffee, baked goods, and desserts. Staff is super friendly, helpful, and prompt. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, and not pretentious; also very clean. Beautiful black and white photographs of France hang on the walls, taken by local photographer Story Sloane. Catering, and large groups are available options. Certainly worth a visit.


- j.m Slade

"Decor was lovely, the whole place was clean, servers were friendly. the food tastes amazing- well worth the slightly above average wait. 9/10, absolutely coming here again!"


Lily Maguire

"The food here is great, the chef really cares about his customers and asks for feedback and listens. Everything we had was delicious. The beignets were particularly amazing."


Andrew B

"This has become my Sunday morning place to be. The food is excellent and owners and staff so so friendly and helpful. Soft opening currently and I await when they have later hours. Great place for a good French affair of food."


Suse D

"We are so glad that a great business like this moved into what is genuinely a lovely space. Their cappuccinos are delicious and I loved the warm chocolate croissants. They’re very kind and even gave my kids each a free Christmas cookie. The atmosphere is very relaxing and they know what they’re doing. Once they get a big sign out front this place is going to be hopping. To the person who claimed inauthenticity- ?!?! Do your homework before writing silly things online."


Elizabeth R.

"I have been waiting for a place like this to open in Houston for a very long time! This place truly brings the French & Mediterranean flavors from the bread to the croissants to the crepes and the sandwiches. I already went back twice! The chef makes his own bread & pasteries in-house and you can tell that he puts a lot of care in what he does. One of my favorite items was the Shakshouka it’s a popular brunch item that you can get in trendy places around the US however I haven’t had any that was this good. Can’t wait to come back already!"


Nesrine Aroua

"Wonderful new French restaurant and patisserie! They have done a wonderful job remodeling from the previous tenant. The pain au chocolat and expresso were on point. Can't wait to try a larger breakfast or lunch!!"


Juilane B